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  • Aura, Otto – Planning the Finnish arbetsplikt 1920–1939


  • Benavente, Catalina & Neunsinger, Silke – Hidden voices, Undocumented Migrants’ Working Conditions in Stockholm, Experiences From Some First Interviews
  • Bergholm, Tapio & Hannikainen, Matti – Between East and West: The Making of the Finnish Welfare State 1944–1990
  • Bergholm, Tapio – Reluctant Vanguard? Finnish Building Workers’ Unions and Strikes 1949-1973
  • Berrenberg, Christian – “Doing Literature” in the Norwegian Labour Movement Around 1900
  • Bjerregaard, Ken – Tjänstemännens fackliga organisering i Norden – på arbetarnas villkor?
  • Bonde Hansen, Per – “Human Trafficking” and “Distasteful Hijacking of People” Challenges to the Standard Employment Relationship in Norway
  • Borchorst, Anette & Rolandsen Agustín, Lise – Europeanization and Judicialization of Gender Equality: the Danish Equal Pay Case
  • Boris, Eileen – The Making of ILO Convention #100: Whose Equality?
  • Brink Pinto, Andres – Verktygslåda for konfliktforskare: ett teoretiskt och metodologiskt ramverk


  • Crocker, Piers – Strikes in the Norwegian Canning Industry 1901-1925


  • Dørum, Knut – De rødes kamp mot fascismen i Norge i 1930-årene


  • Enflo, Kerstin and Karlsson, Tobias – From Conflict to Compromise: The Importance of Mediation in Swedish Work Stoppages 1907-1927
  • Egefur, Fredrik – The Conceptual History of Peace and Internationalism in the Early Labour Movement


  • Friberg, Anna – Rhetorics of Democracy: Swedish Social Democracy and the Concept of Democracy During the Interwar Years


  • Hakoniemi, Elina – Conceptual Analysis of Bildung in the Educational Ideas of the Social Democratic Labour Movement in Finland and Sweden
  • Hannikainen, Matti & Bergholm, Tapio – Between East and West: The Making of the Finnish Welfare State 1944–1990
  • Heinsen, Johan – Enslaved by the State: Convict Labour in Scandinavia, 1600-1850
  • Holmes, Alexandra – Prostitution as Sex Work in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century: A Critical Analysis of the ‘Swedish model’
  • Huberty, Nora – “I don’t think so that people know about it even”: Camp Forced Sex Labour In the Memory Of Holocaust Survivors
  • Hytönen, Kirsi-Maria – A Life of Her Own. Meanings of Paid Work in the Life Stories of Unmarried Women in Latter Half of the 20th Century


  • Ísleifsson, Sumarliði R. – History of the Icelandic Confederation of Labour
  • Jansson, Jenny – Trade Union Revitalization: How do Renewal Processes Impact Identity in the Movement?
  • Jansen, Trine – Between Loyalty and Opposition: the Norwegian Labour Youth Organization and the Labour Party
  • Johannessen, Finn Erhard – The Duty Economy in Pre-Industrial Norway 1600-1860
  • Jónsson, Guðmundur – Beveridge and Keynes in Iceland: New National Labour Policy in the Aftermath of the Second World War
  • Järvstad, Pontus – The Narrative of anti-Communism in the Historical Representation of Communism: A Case Study of the Social Unrest Called Gúttóslagurinn in 1932


  • Kaihovirta, Matias – Fascismen och antifascismen i Karl Harald Wiiks politiska retorik, 1923–1940
  • Kellershohn, Jan – Negotiating Trade Union Identities: Self Images of Miners’ Trade Union Officials in the Workers’ Education System in Post-War Germany
  • Kemppainen, Mikko – Socialism, Religion and Working Class Author Hilda Tihlä
  • Kinnunen, Tiina – Ellen Key (1849-1926) as a Visionary of a New Industrial Society: Transfer of Ideas and their Reception
  • Krautwald, Charlie – Transnational Militant Anti-fascism in Denmark During the 1930’s
  • Kristjánsdóttir, Ragnheiður – Voices from the ¨Battle for Equal Pay in Iceland: Actors and Strategies Leading up to the Ratification of ILO Convention 100 in 1958 and the Passing of the Equal Pay Law of 1961
  • Kärrylä, Ilkka – From Democratization to Flexibilization – The Flourishing and Fall of Working Life Democracy


  • Lahtinen, Anu – Local, National and Nordic Efforts: Hyvinkää Wool Factory Strike in 1928
  • Lindberg, Hanna – The Regulation of House-to-House Peddling in Finland during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century
  • Lintunen, Tiina – The Integration of Rebellious Women Back To the Society: The Case of Finland
  • Le Bouteillec, Nathalie – Maternity Leave: A Debate at the Cross Road of Social and Labour Legislation in Sweden and Norway in the Beginning of the XXth Century
  • Leppänen Sjöberg, Birgitta – The Unfree Female Workforce of the Ancient Household. Subjects and Silence
  • Lundberg, Victor & Lundin, Johan A. – Law or Fist? – Social Democracy and Anti-fascism in Sweden 1924-1950
  • Lundin, Emma – The Benefits of Solidarity: Swedish Social Democratic Women’s Experiences in the Antiapartheid Struggle’


  • Mikkelsen, Flemming & Holmsted Larsen, Chris – Popular Struggle and Political Violence in Denmark, 1914-1939
  • Mokanu, Monta – Trade Union Focus to the Quality of Working Life: Latvia vs Iceland
  • Neunsinger, Silke & Waldemarson, Ylva – Mind the Gap! An Entangled History of the Struggle for Equal pay 1945-2000
  • Neunsinger, Silke & Benavente, Catalina – Hidden voices, Undocumented Migrants’ Working Conditions in Stockholm, Experiences From Some First Interviews
  • Nyzell, Stefan – CPS-fältet – historiografi, begrepp – var står vi nu?


  • Pesonen, Pete – Collecting Working Culture Traditions Non-Commercial Work
  • Pollari, Mikko – Vihtori Kosonen and the Field of Early Finnish Working-Class Literature



  • Sangster, Joan – Labouring for the Vote: Immigrant and Working-Class Women in the Canadian Suffrage Movement
  • Sigurðsson, Kjartan Emil – Breiðholt. The Icelandic “Milljonprogrammet”. Housing and Social Corporatist Agreements 1964-65
  • Stark, Eija & Östman, Catrin – Peddling Women and Forest Industry Men – Rural Working Class Families and Manifold Sources of Income at the Turn of the 20th Century
  • Sundevall, Fia – “Do it voluntary to avoid coercion!”: Gendering “Free” and Coerced Labour in mid-20th Century Sweden
  • Suodenjoki, Sami – Encapsulating Working-Class Worldviews: The Finnish Broadside Ballads of the Revolutionary Year 1917
  • Svensson, Ragni – The Lund Book Cafe’ (Bokcafét i Lund) – A Venue for Progressive Bookselling and the ‘New’ Left Movement of the Nordic 1970s
  • Söderqvist, Jonas – Education – a Tool for Emancipation? Social Mobility Among Participants in the First Classes at Brunnsvik Folk College, Sweden 1906-1920


  • Þórarinsdóttir, Hallfríður – Intensity and instability – International Labor Migrants on the Icelandic Labor Market
  • Tremblay, Sébastien – “Non-Functioning Panopticon”: Sexual Transgressions, Gender Norms and Forced Labourers in the National-Socialist Agrarian World
  • Trige Andersen, Nina – Archiving migrant lives – Notes from A Philippine History of Denmark
  • Turunen, Risto – From the Object of History to the Subject of History – Writing Factory Workers in Finland in the Early 20th century


  • Waldemarson, Ylva & Neunsinger, Silke – Mind the Gap! An Entangled History of the Struggle for Equal Pay 1945-2000
  • Wallengren, Hans – ”They are people we are ashamed of” – Nordic Immigrants in Seattle’s Hooverville During the Great Depression
  • Vanha-Similä, Maria – Everyday Life Strategies in Families with Children in Textile Industry in Finland from the 1950s until the 1970s
  • Wassholm, Johanna – Ethnicity and Small/Itinerant Trade Jews and Tatars as Traders in Finland, 1880–1910
  • Vilhelmsson, Vilhelm – Normative Illegalities: State Officials and the Labour Problem in 19th Century Iceland
  • Wessel, Merle – Working Class and Eugenic Feminism in the Nordic Countries, 1890-1940 – Who is the Eugenic Polluter?
  • Vuolle-Selki, Tuula – Battle of Livelihood – Professional Workers Living Conditions in Finland in 1908-1909


  • Østhus, Hanne – Freedom and Work. Slaves and Domestic Servants in Eighteenth-Century Denmark-Norway
  • Östman, Catrin & Stark, Eija – Peddling Women and Forest Industry Men – Rural Working Class Families and Manifold Sources of Income at the Turn of the 20th Century