New preliminary program – open for additions

The XV Nordic Labour History Conference is getting closer to actually happen in real life – and now we have the new preliminary program ready for the re-scheduled conference that will take place from January 26-30, 2022, at Arbejdermuseet in Copenhagen. Download the full program below.

If you have colleagues who are interested in presenting, but did not meet the original deadline for submissions, we are open for proposals in selected sessions (and can at this point only include possible new papers that fit into the framework of already planned sessions).

The sessions that are open for additions are the following (and proposals would have to be reviewed by the organizing team and the track/session coordinators) – please refer to the full preliminary program for more info on these sessions:

A3) Gendering industry

A4) Women’s role in trade unions and labor struggle

A5) Women organizing political and social movements

B1) Precarity and forms of labor: Case studies I

B3) Precarity, industry and the state

C3) Capitalism, colonialism, and coercion

D1) From militant activism to militant democracy in Interwar Norden

E2) Communism as Ideal and Reality in a Gendered Perspective

E3) Transnational Lives and Movements

F1) Itinerant labour at the margins

G1) The establishment of the system of collective bargaining

G2) Strategies for organizing and collective bargaining

J1) Deindustrialization processes in the Nordic Countries

J2) From Cinema to YouTube. The Labour Movement and Visual Media, 1945-2020

J3) Maritime-, Dock-, and Shipyard Labor

J7) Faces in the Crowd: Collective and individual life histories as entries to labor history